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Product details

ATL-960 Addressable Manual Call Point

ATL-960 Addressable Manual Call Point

DC 24V; standby current≤300μA alarm current consumption≤2mA; External dimension: 90x90x50mm;

Product overview
The ATL-960 addressable manual call point (manual call point for short) is mainly designed to be used with an intelligent two-bus control panel. If it is pressed after a fire is manually confirmed, an alarm signal may be sent to a fire alarm control panel which will, after receiving the alarm signal, display the coded address and the equipment status of the manual call point. When the manual call point is operating normally, the red indicator will blink; when there is a fire alarm, it will remain lit. The manual call point supports electronic coding and has a built-in fire telephone jack and a PHONE indicator, making its engineering application convenient.

Product features
1   It can realize complete electronic coding and in situ rewriting with help of a coder.
2   Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover, it can be installed, debugged and maintained conveniently.
3   It is designed with a two-wire fire telephone jack and is therefore more applicable to engineering application.
4   Designed with passive output contacts, it can control other external equipment directly through an intermediate relay.
5   The pressing sheet on the manual call point will not get crushed after it is pressed, but can be reset by a special tool, so it can be used repeatedly.

Technical parameters
1.    Executive standard: GB19880-2005
2.    Operating voltage: 24V (pulse modulation)
3.    Operating current: <300uA (in the monitoring status); <2mA (in the action status)
4.    Output contact: Normally open contact; capacity: 0.1A/30VDC
5.     Weight: About 120g
6.    Wiring method: nonpolar two-bus system (L1, L2)
7.    Operating environment: Indoor, temperature: -10℃~+50℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, without condensation)
8.    Coding method: It can realize online coding with the help of a coder and without the necessity of disassembling the bus (however, the equipment must be powered off). Address codes 1 to 324 are available for selection.
9.    Telephone jack: Two-wire fire telephone jack (equipped with a standard Ф6.3 single-track audio connector).
10.    Starting part: A plastic pressing sheet that may be used repeatedly. It can be manually reset with a special tool after being pressed.
11.    Starting mode: Press the pressing sheet manually.
12.    Indicator: The red ALARM indicator will blink in the inspection status or remain lit in the alarm status; the PHONE indicator will blink when a fire telephone loop is connected, otherwise it will be out.
13.    Matched host machine: fire alarm control panel (such as ATL-MN300)

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