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Product details

ATL-952 Intelligent input module

ATL-952 Intelligent input module

DC 24V; standby current≤0.5mA alarm current consumption≤2mA; External dimension: 86x86x40mm;
The ATL-952 Intelligent input module (ATL-952 module for short) is used with ATL-MN300,a two-bus fire alarm control panel. It can be connected with a conventional smoke detector, a conventional heat detector, a conventional manual call point, a conventional hooter/horn and some other equipment. After the said equipment starts to operate, the alarm signal output will be sent by the ATL-952 module to the fire alarm control panel through a signal bus to give a fire alarm.

Features and technical parameters
1.    Mode of operation: Nonpolar two-wire system
2.    Quiescent current: <0.5mA (bus); <6mA (power line)
3.    Action current: <2mA (bus); <15mA (power line)
4.    Operation indicator: The inspection indicator will blink once about every 12 seconds in the inspection status or remain lit in the operation status.
5.    Operating environment: Temperature: -10℃~50℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, without condensation)
6.    Terminal load: 4.7K resistance
7.     External dimensions: 86×86×40(mm)
8.    Weight: about 119g
9.    Executive standard: GB16806-2006

Appearance and dimensions


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